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24 Apr 2014

P or that professional nutritionists consider the Duran diet the most dangerous of all and why 80% of people who lose weight with their help end up gaining the weight back?

The most dangerous diet
The author of the Duran Diet was Frenchman of Moroccan origin Pierre Duran, born in July 1941.
 Millions of people follow your diet and the value of your business for sale of books and their brand already stands at € 100 million annually (1)

A French organization Doctors Duran openly accused of being "making a business of medicine" (2), without worrying about the health of people who want to lose weight, while the British Association of
Dietitians for three consecutive years now consider precisely the diet the number...

17 Apr 2014
A diet does not mean to abandon your Go to your favorite restaurants, but the idea is in the dish presented to you and the quantity allowed, where you have to follow a couple of things I either participatory girlfriend in the dish affordable and also when you eat sweets, and the second can ask the waiter to provide only half the amount of the dish with the other half you take home to eat later.Many More

And do not forget to replace some items side provided, instead of fries ask vegetables steamed or salad is large in size, and skip the soft drinks or sweetened cups of water and juices, sugar-free, and in general, make sure to not exceed the calories in drinks 100 calories.

Preferred choice of main dishes...

16 Apr 2014
Recently deployed a number of techniques dissolving fat without surgery in beauty centers, defined as help eliminate the accumulated fat under the skin through fragmentation and dissolve without inhaled, giving women the most beautiful shape and lose a number of kilos of excess.The Author of JOhn Barban Venus Factor Review

For its part, warned the French government centers cosmetic use of these techniques in 2011 due to the danger to health, and the Food and Drug Administration banned the use of the U.S. these types of techniques dissolving fat in the body because of its negative effects on health, namely:

Exposing the kidney to a number of diseases because of the fat content, this may be up to the kidneys through the bloodstream.


15 Apr 2014
Get the drift? Now the most important part; Just weight loss may cause you to lose muscle, and in turn, make you gain body fat later. Yes, it is ironic. This is because the more muscle you have, the more you burn fat efficiently because muscle tissue is active and it requires calories to work. Body fat just sit there doing nothing, and thus do not burn calories on its own. Find More Information Here Venus Factor Review

Even less muscle mass you have, your body will burn fewer calories. Burn calories your body, ended up being stored body lotion more calories! Therefore it is important to lose fat but not merely lose weight which may include loss of muscle tissue.

How the person may lose muscle you lose weight? Good for beginners, usually...

14 Apr 2014
Workers in the field of health care in an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis as well. If you develop any signs or symptoms listed above, you should seek medical advice. Should be tested individuals with HIV-TB, where the leading cause of death in AIDS patients of tuberculosis.

HIV and tuberculosis may Takaful fatal, which increases the rate of tuberculosis match the AIDS virus and human immunodeficiency virus reactivate inactive tuberculosis. Are tested health care workers usually at least annually for TB test?

Individuals with latent TB reveal positive despite the fact that no clear symptoms of the disease. TB also is tested in the chest X-ray and culture tests (urine, sputum). Tuberculosis disease that can be prevented
There are...

14 Apr 2014
Tuberculosis arthritis with systemic symptoms similar to any of the forms of TB. These include daily rise in body temperature, anemia, weight loss, strength and appetite. This also shows the local symptoms such as pain when pressure or movement and thickening or swelling in the joint tissue. May be exposed muscle spasm caused common applications are limited. More Pages here

During the infection, may develop cysts. Pus is produced by these cysts can liquidate through the opening in the skin, or the abdominal cavity or chest cavity or spinal canal. Usually advised surgical intervention to drain the abscess

Someone suffering from arthritis tuberculosis can do the following:
1. It should seek...