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22 Apr 2014
' Burn fat ' or ' fat-burning ' means using stored fat as fuel to support the work of the body. Reduce total body fat ( Which is what most people want when they say they want to ' lose weight ' ) associated with burning calories more each day. (Whether it comes from fat stored or stored glucose ) will be replaced with calories consumed as food. Many More

In most weight loss success by meeting this goal , often with the help of exercises that burn fat and build muscle workout . ( Because muscle cells burn more calories at rest than fat cells ) .

This exercise uses more energy ?
In energy consumption significantly and increases the use of fat and carbohydrates that you need to perform exercises that...

14 Apr 2014
In spite of advances in treatments available, tuberculosis (TB) remains a global pandemic. One-third of the human population is currently infected with TB. What is TB? TB disease caused by bacteria of tuberculosis bacteria
Tuberculosis can affect any part of the body but usually affects the lungs. Tuberculosis is spread by airborne droplets that occur when an infected person sneezes, talks, or cough.

However, it should happen prolonged exposure to an infected person before you may become infected. Body may harbor bacteria while the immune system to prevent disease. For this reason, there are two forms of TB: latent TB and active TB.

With latent TB, the immune system is able to prevent bacteria from growing. TB bacteria to survive within...