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21 Apr 2014
Ways to fight cellulite - As a rule, the most prone to the formation of cellulite places are back thighs and buttocks. So you should start with the organization of proper nutrition. Try to eliminate from your diet preservatives, cheeses, dairy products, fish and grilled meats, sausage, fast food, sugar, alcohol. Limit your intake of starchy foods.More Sources Available Truth about Cellulite Scam

 New diet should consist of a maximum of useful products: various types of cereals, bread, wholemeal, boiled or steamed meat / fish, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as consumption of enough water to half liters a day. In addition to concerns about nutrition, it is worth thinking about the sport.

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21 Apr 2014
While taking a shower, use a washcloth-cellulite. Active movements massage the problem areas of the body, avoiding the abdominal area. To enhance the effect on the sponge, add the crushed sea salt. It improves heat transfer and promotes blood flow to the subcutaneous layer. With regular procedures was "orange peel" resolve.
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Honey also has some good effect for cellulite removal. Add 50 g of honey every little lemon juice or citrus essential oil. After water treatment rubs the mixture into the problem areas of the body and gently pat skin palm, feeling is not quite pleasant, perhaps even painful, but bear with me.

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15 Apr 2014
Goodbye Cellulite

To see the 90 muscles in the lower part of your body and how you can reverse the cause of the corrugations, ruts and bumps in troubled regions and points critics, just give play on the video above.

EXTRA TIP - # 6: Bumps, Dimples and grooves of your Cellulite Get Worse If Not Have the Appropriate Care. And the worst are, the harder it is to reverse.

So, watch the video above to avoid further frustration, disappointment and anger. 's your body, so do what is right for him.

The diet to combat sagging

Hi people!
Already mentioned at the top of the blog a bit about diet for skin and nails but today I want to bring a sample menu to prevent sagging!

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11 Apr 2014
Do you suffer from cellulite? Are you looking for a safe treatment for cellulite?, If could try the recipes and mixes natural to get rid of cellulite, and here we'll help you get rid of cellulite through 3 of the strongest mixes natural to get rid of cellulite, and you prepared at home to the availability of components with most of us, here are the most powerful 3 blends natural To get rid of cellulite:
1. Mix ground coffee and brown sugar for the treatment of cellulite:
• 70 grams ground coffee
• 200 grams of sugar cane brown (unrefined)
• 250 ml of almond oil
- Mix the ingredients ground coffee, with sugar cane, and almond oil well, Daém the region that suffer from cellulite for 5 minutes, then massage national well...