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16 Apr 2014
Consultant of physical therapy and the treatment of obesity, saying, eating water has many benefits to maintain the integrity of the human, and should divide the amount of water on the periods of the day, and of course it is not wise to drink all the amount of water in one go. Many More Information

And drink a glass of water does not dress before eating, during eating and after eating and in other periods of the day, but who want to lose weight, we advise them to always drink a glass of water before eating half an hour, this will help in the sense of satiety with the amount of reasonable food.

But drink plenty of water during and after eating directly could reduce the effectiveness of digestion because...

16 Apr 2014
Recently deployed a number of techniques dissolving fat without surgery in beauty centers, defined as help eliminate the accumulated fat under the skin through fragmentation and dissolve without inhaled, giving women the most beautiful shape and lose a number of kilos of excess.The Author of JOhn Barban Venus Factor Review

For its part, warned the French government centers cosmetic use of these techniques in 2011 due to the danger to health, and the Food and Drug Administration banned the use of the U.S. these types of techniques dissolving fat in the body because of its negative effects on health, namely:

Exposing the kidney to a number of diseases because of the fat content, this may be up to the kidneys through the bloodstream.


15 Apr 2014
The most effective cellulite treatment was ice?

Cellulite treatment is acupuncture?  Get pdf Version Truth About Cellulite

Hold the ice cold water after a shower is good practice to make cellulite?

According to experts, the most important solution, to improve blood circulation in the cellulite area!

Efforts to get rid of cellulite you have given me wonder works? Whose cellulite what is good?

 Memorial Service from the Department of Dermatology, Exp. Dr.. Hander National, told you need to know about cellulite...
1 Proper nutrition: High-calorie foods should be avoided. Sugar, salt, flour and oil consumption should be minimized.
 Tea, coffee, caffeine-rich foods like chocolate should not be consumed in excess.

 Vegetables, fruits and fiber...

15 Apr 2014
Lunch 1 piece of broiled or grilled salmon 3 col. (Soup) of rice 1 saucer steamed cabbage Salad of romaine, tomato, cucumber. Season with extra virgin olive oil (1 tablespoon) and 6 drops of linseed oil

Dessert: 1 bowl of jelly

Afternoon Snack
1 cup of whole grape juice

2 cups of popcorn (popcorn already talked here on the blog huh! See link here) Afternoon Snack 2 6 Brazil nuts Dinner
1 bowl of vegetable soup with yams, cabbage, carrots, beets, tomatoes and muscle

Dessert: 15 units of strawberry
Basic secret:
Include salmon in your daily life. It is a good source of easily digestible protein, omega 3, vitamins (vitamin D, vat. A and some members of vitamin B) and minerals such as selenium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

For the easily...

15 Apr 2014
Goodbye Cellulite

To see the 90 muscles in the lower part of your body and how you can reverse the cause of the corrugations, ruts and bumps in troubled regions and points critics, just give play on the video above.

EXTRA TIP - # 6: Bumps, Dimples and grooves of your Cellulite Get Worse If Not Have the Appropriate Care. And the worst are, the harder it is to reverse.

So, watch the video above to avoid further frustration, disappointment and anger. 's your body, so do what is right for him.

The diet to combat sagging

Hi people!
Already mentioned at the top of the blog a bit about diet for skin and nails but today I want to bring a sample menu to prevent sagging!

Everyone wants beautiful skin ... and right when it comes to diet for beautiful...

15 Apr 2014
Studies have shown, the fat in the abdomen is another form of fat used by the body, which means that it takes a lot more effort and determination make them disappear. To reduce the fat in the stomach, it is important to lose weight.

 People who shed excess pounds will usually be the first to start losing weight around the waist. Eating the right foods can make this happen faster.

1 - Stop emotional eating, try to become aware of when you eat because you're sad, depressed or just simply bored, and seeks to address this problem and save on those calories unwanted.

2 - Shed pounds by eating apples
Apples and pears are the foods effective weight loss, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2003. Study revealed that...

15 Apr 2014
Have you ever wondered why marathon runners, those who run many kilometers often do exercises, a heart almost every day even with the slim is not muscle strength? Because your body is a wonderful machine

It is intended to be adapted. When you run or jump or swim long enough, it will say, look, I better get lighter so that I could take the stress better and improve endurance. Guess what? Muscle is heavier than fat and your body will shed more when it wants to get lighter? More Pages here

Muscle or fat
The muscles of your body will shed both but more fat. Anyway, why would you want to lose weight only to become a smaller body to you in the same way without any muscle tone?

Why do you want to be...

15 Apr 2014
Get the drift? Now the most important part; Just weight loss may cause you to lose muscle, and in turn, make you gain body fat later. Yes, it is ironic. This is because the more muscle you have, the more you burn fat efficiently because muscle tissue is active and it requires calories to work. Body fat just sit there doing nothing, and thus do not burn calories on its own. Find More Information Here Venus Factor Review

Even less muscle mass you have, your body will burn fewer calories. Burn calories your body, ended up being stored body lotion more calories! Therefore it is important to lose fat but not merely lose weight which may include loss of muscle tissue.

How the person may lose muscle you lose weight? Good for beginners, usually...

14 Apr 2014
The right of many diseases inevitable, however, it is clear that every person has the ability to improve his or her health and well-being. Before eating well, exercise, rest and sleep and relax, some of which can have a positive impact on the health of those. Visit my Web Pages

Another key factor in people's health and well being is the option to not abuse alcohol or drugs or tobacco. Doctors believe that people who have a positive attitude towards life, who believe that their lives have a purpose, which can be controlled and have meaning, have a better chance to live in healthy life and long-term.

 Century before 20the, there was very little public support for health care. The...

14 Apr 2014

Joey Atlas Review-Detox liver cleansingThe liver is the main organ of the body's vital functions; any disease that affects the liver may carry many health risks.

If you are in need of a comprehensive liver cleansing, your body is likely to show symptoms such as elevated cholesterol level, loss of appetite, severe headache, pain in the abdomen and bloating. Toxins the liver cleansing herbs Annex plays an important role in promoting the detoxification of the body's natural liver.

It provides the liver with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that enhance the performance of the health of the liver. Alpha lipoid acid, selenium, dandelion and milk thistle are common ingredients listed in the production of herbal supplement...