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24 Apr 2014

It is stated for example that "water and pure protein break down cellulite" and that the diet "turns glucose into fat reserves."

It is obvious that none of these claims have any scientific basis.
Moreover Duran prohibits the spinach to contain sugar, although we are talking here of 3.6 g of sugar in a huge portion of 100 grams of salad, taking skimmed milk products of unlimited consumption (a glass of milk contains 13 g of sugar ).
Discard the fat: right or wrong?

One of the mainstays of the diet is the serious cut in fat consumption. Duran completely forgets to mention that, for normal operation, the human body needs at least 40-50 grams of fat per day.

Among other things, the exclusive intake of fat-free food is...

24 Apr 2014

P or that professional nutritionists consider the Duran diet the most dangerous of all and why 80% of people who lose weight with their help end up gaining the weight back?

The most dangerous diet
The author of the Duran Diet was Frenchman of Moroccan origin Pierre Duran, born in July 1941.
 Millions of people follow your diet and the value of your business for sale of books and their brand already stands at € 100 million annually (1)

A French organization Doctors Duran openly accused of being "making a business of medicine" (2), without worrying about the health of people who want to lose weight, while the British Association of
Dietitians for three consecutive years now consider precisely the diet the number...

24 Apr 2014

How to Burn Fat?
Six-Pack Project: how to get a cracked abdomen?

The kenogenie diet and strength training
The main limitation of this no carbohydrates diet is the fact that it does not allow the strength training, since the body is deprived of its primary fuel for muscles: glucose (a complete workout for the body requires between 120 and 150 g carbohydrate).Must Read

The body can maintain slow activities, but certainly not last a workout with heavy weights or sprinting.
Remember that training with reduced glucose level is likely to lead to fainting, which can be deadly when working with weights.

Katogenie Diet: worth or not worth it?
It's a big mistake to simplify the logic of the...

24 Apr 2014

The insulin level drops, which help the fat to release soon FFA (free fatty acids).
Since Katogenie state in the body turns to fat in your main source of energy, the above AGL end up being processed very quickly, "consuming up" the liver or muscles. The result is a decrease in body fat facts.

Limiting fat Katogenie diet Many More Information Here Venus Factor Review

There is a misconception that the kenogenie diet calorie intake has no influence. As in all other cases, fat burning, even in the Katogenie state requires a negative energy balance and you always need to consume less calories than the body uses.

The fact that no-carbohydrates diet does not prohibit the consumption of fat due to the phenomenon of being...

24 Apr 2014

Kato genie Diet in ALL ABOUT DIETS

Queue amount of carbohydrates the body needs to be able to actively live? Is it possible to combine the kenogenie diet with strength training? Kato-diet: advantages and disadvantages.

No carbohydrate diet
The kenogenie diet, also known as keno diet, limited to a maximum intake of carbohydrates, and even eliminate them altogether in some cases. By failing to obtain carbohydrates, the body restructures metabolism, causing fat to become their primary source of energy.
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The name "kenogenie diet" (kenogeniediet ) derives from the concept "kenogenie processes."
In turn, the process of kenogenie indicates metabolic disorder in which...

23 Apr 2014

How nature can help when the kidneys do not give, says herbalist

Interference with urination, including the strongest burning sensation, change in color of urine, pain in the bladder and kidney, the first signs of disease of the urinary tract. Kidney disease in the beginning does not need to give clear symptoms, so the patient can function normally, but when the disease progresses, the pain becomes very strong.

To relieve pain, but also to facilitate other symptoms that accompany kidney disease for centuries used a variety of plants. What are the best and how to properly prepare teas, we've learned the wizards of plants, from which you transmit prescriptions, herbalist from Belgrade.

WHAT relieves pain?
Three tablespoons...

23 Apr 2014
Bio-energy is that explains our interlocutor, to help in the "fixing" the physical manifestation of our imbalances, which manifests as acute or chronic disease, but it is important to emphasize that miracles do not happen.

Some people are healed, some stopped the pain, somewhere there was a remission, and somewhere a delayed progression of the disease. It is important to see and feel the result.

Such as social security in Switzerland recognized medical costs Bio-energy, in Italy, this method is equal to conventional medicine. In Russia, the U.S., the Netherlands and England, there are institutes where bio-energy studies, all of which is recognized by law.

Bio-energy is used, not to mention the cultures of South America, Asia and Africa,...

23 Apr 2014
Bio-energy, or life energy, as this energy is called in other parts of the world, energy for centuries practiced and involves activation of the body that we call healing.

We can apply as an additional remedy for the overall improvement of the psycho-physical state of the body. It belongs to the traditional medicine, and today is studied and confirmed by many international institutions as an effective and proven method.Must Read

Positive effects of bioenergy are better circulation and mobility, extraction or reduction of pain and swelling, relax, breathe easier, reducing cysts and fibroadenoma of the ovaries, mastopathy and breast fibrosis ...

Therapies are contact or non-contact...

22 Apr 2014
' Burn fat ' or ' fat-burning ' means using stored fat as fuel to support the work of the body. Reduce total body fat ( Which is what most people want when they say they want to ' lose weight ' ) associated with burning calories more each day. (Whether it comes from fat stored or stored glucose ) will be replaced with calories consumed as food. Many More

In most weight loss success by meeting this goal , often with the help of exercises that burn fat and build muscle workout . ( Because muscle cells burn more calories at rest than fat cells ) .

This exercise uses more energy ?
In energy consumption significantly and increases the use of fat and carbohydrates that you need to perform exercises that...

22 Apr 2014
Fat and carbohydrate ( Mainly glucose and related molecules ) are two main types of fuel used to support the metabolism of your body. More Sources Available Venus Factor Review

They come from food and beverages and steps of digestion are absorbed into your blood stream to be sent to the website used immediately or stored for later use .

Fat is stored as adipose tissue throughout your body , including under your skin , muscles and vital organs around. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen (Caused by joining together many molecules of glucose ) in the liver and muscles .

Activities of the body that occur when you are in the rest of the brain , for example , your heart pumping and functioning of your internal organs use glucose as an energy...