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24 Apr 2014

P or that professional nutritionists consider the Duran diet the most dangerous of all and why 80% of people who lose weight with their help end up gaining the weight back?

The most dangerous diet
The author of the Duran Diet was Frenchman of Moroccan origin Pierre Duran, born in July 1941.
 Millions of people follow your diet and the value of your business for sale of books and their brand already stands at € 100 million annually (1)

A French organization Doctors Duran openly accused of being "making a business of medicine" (2), without worrying about the health of people who want to lose weight, while the British Association of
Dietitians for three consecutive years now consider precisely the diet the number one not being followed (3).
Duran Diet: the main pillars

The cause of the popularity of Duran diet is simple: it requires no counting calories or food restriction.
 According to her, all you need to do to lose weight is to comply with the main provisions of the diet and eat only foods offered in the list.

The basic principles of nutrition Duran second focus on the consumption of foods rich in protein, limiting the maximum intake of fats and sugars and consumption of high amounts of fiber sources
 In essence, this is a diet rich in protein and fat.
Highful Information

Factual errorsWe start with the fact that there are perfectly absurd statements in the book Duran.


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