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24 Apr 2014

How to Burn Fat?
Six-Pack Project: how to get a cracked abdomen?

The kenogenie diet and strength training
The main limitation of this no carbohydrates diet is the fact that it does not allow the strength training, since the body is deprived of its primary fuel for muscles: glucose (a complete workout for the body requires between 120 and 150 g carbohydrate).Must Read

The body can maintain slow activities, but certainly not last a workout with heavy weights or sprinting.
Remember that training with reduced glucose level is likely to lead to fainting, which can be deadly when working with weights.

Katogenie Diet: worth or not worth it?
It's a big mistake to simplify the logic of the sentence keno genie diet "since not eat carbohydrates, you can eat all you want and still lose weight."

It is important to understand that by rejecting the carbohydrates are forced to restructure our menu to keep the normalization of the diet.

The indiscriminate use of no-carbohydrates diet for a few weeks can have a negative impact on health.
If at the same time also gives a strong reduction in the consumption of calories, the body, although factually lose weight, will be doing so at his own expense .

Although free carbohydrate diet can be effective, the desire to lose weight as fast as possible (and at the same time showing cracked muscle) leads many to combine the kenogenie diet with bodybuilding, which is dangerous. Moreover, we should not simplify the logic of the diet.


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