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24 Apr 2014

Kato genie Diet in ALL ABOUT DIETS

Queue amount of carbohydrates the body needs to be able to actively live? Is it possible to combine the kenogenie diet with strength training? Kato-diet: advantages and disadvantages.

No carbohydrate diet
The kenogenie diet, also known as keno diet, limited to a maximum intake of carbohydrates, and even eliminate them altogether in some cases. By failing to obtain carbohydrates, the body restructures metabolism, causing fat to become their primary source of energy.
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The name "kenogenie diet" (kenogeniediet ) derives from the concept "kenogenie processes."
In turn, the process of kenogenie indicates metabolic disorder in which the fat is converted into ketene bodies will use the brain in place of carbohydrates.

The body needs carbohydrates?
Unlike proteins and fats, without which the body does not survive the consumption of carbohydrates is not vital, since by itself, the presence of blood sugar is not critical to the life and brain can work with ketene bodies.
The danger of the kenogenie diet is something else.

 Foods containing carbohydrates also contain other important nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals (as opposed to meat).
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The cut of these foods naturally leads to the impoverishment of the diet.
What is the efficacy of the Katogenie diet?

Not getting carbohydrates through food, the body starts to use energy from fat, reorganizing metabolism to spend efficiently fat reserves.


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