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23 Apr 2014

How nature can help when the kidneys do not give, says herbalist

Interference with urination, including the strongest burning sensation, change in color of urine, pain in the bladder and kidney, the first signs of disease of the urinary tract. Kidney disease in the beginning does not need to give clear symptoms, so the patient can function normally, but when the disease progresses, the pain becomes very strong.

To relieve pain, but also to facilitate other symptoms that accompany kidney disease for centuries used a variety of plants. What are the best and how to properly prepare teas, we've learned the wizards of plants, from which you transmit prescriptions, herbalist from Belgrade.

WHAT relieves pain?
Three tablespoons chopped roots and dried leaves of parsley drizzle with half a liter of cold water and boil for 10 minutes.

The lid, let sit for 15 minutes, strain and drink three times a day for a cup.
Nine onions with shell boil five liters of white wine until uvri half liquid.

Strain, pour the whole rest of the liquid into a small pan and cook for another hour. When cool, poured into a glass bottle and every morning on an empty stomach, drink one teaspoon of syrup.
Must Read

Finely straw of oats disconnects the two large buckets, cover them with two ounces of water and cook for about three minutes. Remove from heat, let cool, strain. Several times a day, drink the scoop. This helps with tea diseases of the bladder.


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