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23 Apr 2014
Bio-energy is that explains our interlocutor, to help in the "fixing" the physical manifestation of our imbalances, which manifests as acute or chronic disease, but it is important to emphasize that miracles do not happen.

Some people are healed, some stopped the pain, somewhere there was a remission, and somewhere a delayed progression of the disease. It is important to see and feel the result.

Such as social security in Switzerland recognized medical costs Bio-energy, in Italy, this method is equal to conventional medicine. In Russia, the U.S., the Netherlands and England, there are institutes where bio-energy studies, all of which is recognized by law.

Bio-energy is used, not to mention the cultures of South America, Asia and Africa, where it is very popular, but it has a different name.

It was recognized and supported by the World Health Organization - says our interlocutor, who for 30 years co-operate with doctors of modern medicine.

We have been working on education and prevention to help people to consciously activate their personal resources to live in harmony with nature and with ourselves.
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I adopted his method in all aspects of work helping people to be healthier and more vital. His practice helped with 320 different diagnoses - from the visual improvements, stopping the disease process until complete healing


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