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23 Apr 2014
Bio-energy, or life energy, as this energy is called in other parts of the world, energy for centuries practiced and involves activation of the body that we call healing.

We can apply as an additional remedy for the overall improvement of the psycho-physical state of the body. It belongs to the traditional medicine, and today is studied and confirmed by many international institutions as an effective and proven method.Must Read

Positive effects of bioenergy are better circulation and mobility, extraction or reduction of pain and swelling, relax, breathe easier, reducing cysts and fibroadenoma of the ovaries, mastopathy and breast fibrosis ...

Therapies are contact or non-contact According to the diagnosis and appropriate. In place that deal feels tingling, cooling or heat from the ignition, but I need to know the cause of the problem and apply only what is allowed in this particular case - says our interlocutor.

Healer first balance the energy flow in the cell and meridians. I do it over the head, where each cell of the brain sends impulses to his upper body, and through the feet, where the orthogonal projection of authority. Balance the energy centers called chakras that.

Incentives and lift quantum leap cells leads to self-healing and withdrawal symptoms. When I move someone through the aura, I feel exactly the problem. Place your hands on the body, on the sore spot.

 Since the cessation of pain to the complete recoverywhen the client feels cold, he says, then pulls from his body inflammation and then is ready to receive power.

The therapist may point out to the doctor to pay attention to a particular part of the body or a problem, but it is not my place to diagnose the disease because of it though modern medicine furthest.


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