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22 Apr 2014
Fat and carbohydrate ( Mainly glucose and related molecules ) are two main types of fuel used to support the metabolism of your body. More Sources Available Venus Factor Review

They come from food and beverages and steps of digestion are absorbed into your blood stream to be sent to the website used immediately or stored for later use .

Fat is stored as adipose tissue throughout your body , including under your skin , muscles and vital organs around. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen (Caused by joining together many molecules of glucose ) in the liver and muscles .

Activities of the body that occur when you are in the rest of the brain , for example , your heart pumping and functioning of your internal organs use glucose as an energy source available . Similarly, you can use a small amount of fat in your basic daily activities .

Therefore, a small amount of fat and carbohydrates that are used to continuously maintain the metabolism of your daily basicMust Read

However, the contraction of the muscles that occurs during exercise requires a lot of energy on the rise , and vigorous exercise can increase your energy use by 10 times the power that this increase , which would increase the use of fat. and carbohydrates , some of which will come from the shop of your body.


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