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22 Apr 2014
Humans have a natural tendency to store fat - a survival mechanism to protect us against the possibility of famine and some fats are essential for our general health .

The problem is that many people today have access to an abundance of fatty foods , especially high energy and sweet foods . But they do burn less energy , which means that many people physically with Weight imbalance between energy intake of them. (Food and drink) and the energy cost of them. (Metabolism, and exercise).
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Storage of excess fat , this is why so many people in the developed world are becoming overweight or have a more accurate 'than fat ', which in this case is more severe obesity. There are health risks associated with being over- fat and even more so with obesity as it increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer .

Maintaining a healthy level of body fat is a matter of balancing calories consumed (food ) with the cost. (Metabolic basis of us and the fitness / exercise) to reduce body fat, you will have to spend more calories than you take in , and this can be done either by eating more calories . less and / or by spending more energy through a high level of fitness .


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