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21 Apr 2014
Ways to fight cellulite - As a rule, the most prone to the formation of cellulite places are back thighs and buttocks. So you should start with the organization of proper nutrition. Try to eliminate from your diet preservatives, cheeses, dairy products, fish and grilled meats, sausage, fast food, sugar, alcohol. Limit your intake of starchy foods.More Sources Available Truth about Cellulite Scam

 New diet should consist of a maximum of useful products: various types of cereals, bread, wholemeal, boiled or steamed meat / fish, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as consumption of enough water to half liters a day. In addition to concerns about nutrition, it is worth thinking about the sport.

It is best to buy a subscription to a fitness center, where you can practice with a personal trainer who will be able to find the right set of exercises for problem areas, as well as to distribute the load correctly.

Aqua aerobics will be a good helper - In between visiting simulators worth your time and therapeutic massage. Sessions should be distributed approximately regular intervals; it helps the body to relax after an active struggle against the "crust." Variety of massages can surprise any client.
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 Beauty salons make vacuum massage, honey, cellulite, a special program for stone therapy. Houses can also perform simple massage thighs and priests with special anti-cellulite scrubs and ointments, which are sold in any drugstore.


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