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21 Apr 2014
Well, to do the last exercise, turn on one of the sides, rests an elbow to the floor; his free hand pressed in the body. Try to pick up pace quickly and lowered a little slower. So do 20 times on each leg. Do these exercises regularly, and then you will not be afraid of no cellulite. Good luck!
Informative Information

Scrubs Cellulite - Scrubs Cellulite is one of the most effective means in the fight against the notorious orange peel. Only these scrubs there are so many - how to check? Better to prepare homemade scrub of cellulite. Then there will not be exact chemistry, but can still be in the process of cooking experiment. And it is much cheaper!

Ground coffee is honored leader in anti-cellulite fight. For the preparation of effective scrub take coffee course, mix it with sour cream, olive oil, honey - should get a mixture similar to cream. Store in a jar, use every day, rubbing the problem areas massaged.

In the fight against the orange peel is not less effective sea salt. It should simply be rubbed into the problem areas - it is ready to scrub off cellulite.General Reviews

How to use scrubs - Cellulite scrubs should be applied to clean skin steamed. Take a shower, and then massage your problem areas washcloth - the skin needs a little blush. Then apply scrub confident movements.


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