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21 Apr 2014
While taking a shower, use a washcloth-cellulite. Active movements massage the problem areas of the body, avoiding the abdominal area. To enhance the effect on the sponge, add the crushed sea salt. It improves heat transfer and promotes blood flow to the subcutaneous layer. With regular procedures was "orange peel" resolve.
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Honey also has some good effect for cellulite removal. Add 50 g of honey every little lemon juice or citrus essential oil. After water treatment rubs the mixture into the problem areas of the body and gently pat skin palm, feeling is not quite pleasant, perhaps even painful, but bear with me.

Buy fir essential oil. It does not cause harm, but it helps in the treatment of cellulite. Add any body lotion 3 drops of oil, mix well and use as intended: lubricate the places where there was orange peel. Applied to the whole body of such a cream is not necessary. Milk with pine oil easily replaces a special cream from cellulite.

If all your efforts are in vain, then leave the fight against cellulite. It was possible to bring the body in order and after childbirth, when there is no contraindication to the use of special tools.
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Wholesome advice - Take a hot bath during pregnancy is impossible, as it could trigger a rise in blood pressure. Watching them, and do not forget to take care of their health.


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