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18 Apr 2014

Do you suffer from cellulite and hate its existence? If you answered yes Vtakda you are not the only ever encounter this problem. It is worth mentioning that it was not necessarily have to be linked to obesity, cellulite, it is often genetically and is present even when Alnahilan.
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However knowing that there is no cure for this problem is inevitable, but it is possible to be influenced by many factors, including diet and hormones. After a follow-up to the doctors to the many people who suffer from cellulite, unanimously agreed that the possibility to follow the following tips to get rid of it or avoid it:

- Tomato Paste: Tomato paste contains large amounts of lycopene, more than those that you get it by eating fresh tomatoes. A study recently conducted in the "British Journal of Dermatology," it can tomato paste that limits the damage sun's ultraviolet rays in addition to maintaining the collagen in the skin. It is through the preservation of collagen in the skin, thus Thafezin on health and the thickness of the top layer of skin that covers the layer of fat, which makes cellulite less obvious.

- Inflammation: Inflammation is the cause of many diseases, including heart disease, and reduces it could have the benefits of cellulite too. So to know the "bromelain"! Is a mixture of enzymes found in pineapple, is also anti-inflammatory and enhances the process of metabolism of fat cells.

- Water: foods that contain a large amount of water will improve skin hydration. Because most people do not attach importance to drink water, they replace that eating fruits and vegetables, especially melons, cucumbers, and leafy vegetables fresh, because they contain a high percentage of water and small amounts of calories helps in controlling weight and fat storage


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