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17 Apr 2014
Women gain during pregnancy some weight, and find it difficult after birth in the loss, nutrition and the treatment of obesity and thinness, that women during lactation are in need of a good feed, but that does not mean he cannot put a diet help her weight with preserved.Clicke here Learn More ..... venus Factor Review

From those tips eating balanced meals, which contain amounts of protein, vitamins and a little carbohydrate, in the sense that it must eat the balance provided it does not deprive the mother herself from eating certain foods on the grounds that they increase the weight, he said, adding that a lot of mothers feel hungry quickly because of infancy, so it is advisable to reduce the number of meals and increase day.
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To be a nursing mother does not have to lose what you earned in a short period, but should lose the weight slowly and steadily, to lose a week kilogram only, pointing out that losing weight quickly, makes the body more than an offer for the acquisition quickly, in addition to that rapid weight loss affects the health of the mother and the fetus, the mother's body, where it stores toxins, especially during the first six weeks of birth, and lose weight quickly may strongly affect the child.

The need for diversity holiday food during meals, with the need to address one or more of the fruit on a daily basis, so provide them with energy, plus it gives them the feeling of satiety, which works to lose weight.

The need to avoid eating large amounts of saturated fat, which no meat lamb, in addition to fast food, warning of the use of saturated oils in eating, preferring to use natural oils such as olive oil or palm oil, pointing out that saturated fats have adverse effects on the cardiovascular vessels, to have any adverse impact on the mother and does not have any effect on the health of the child.


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