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17 Apr 2014
A diet does not mean to abandon your Go to your favorite restaurants, but the idea is in the dish presented to you and the quantity allowed, where you have to follow a couple of things I either participatory girlfriend in the dish affordable and also when you eat sweets, and the second can ask the waiter to provide only half the amount of the dish with the other half you take home to eat later.Many More

And do not forget to replace some items side provided, instead of fries ask vegetables steamed or salad is large in size, and skip the soft drinks or sweetened cups of water and juices, sugar-free, and in general, make sure to not exceed the calories in drinks 100 calories.

Preferred choice of main dishes based on grilled meat, to be demilitarized fat and skin, in the case of a request dish Pasta ask the waiter not to put a large amount of sauce, because it is likely to be high in calories.

Not to eat the bread that usually puts the waiter served before the main with hors d'oeuvres, and prefers to ask the waiter not to put bread basket so as not too partly to satisfy your hunger that comes to food required.


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