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16 Apr 2014
Consultant of physical therapy and the treatment of obesity, saying, eating water has many benefits to maintain the integrity of the human, and should divide the amount of water on the periods of the day, and of course it is not wise to drink all the amount of water in one go. Many More Information

And drink a glass of water does not dress before eating, during eating and after eating and in other periods of the day, but who want to lose weight, we advise them to always drink a glass of water before eating half an hour, this will help in the sense of satiety with the amount of reasonable food.

But drink plenty of water during and after eating directly could reduce the effectiveness of digestion because the water a lot relieve stomach acid and reduce its impact on the digestion of food, and of course do not recommend drinking plenty of water before going to sleep, lest this be causing the disorder sleep and wake up a lot at night.

We can mention that there is a relationship between drinking water and the rumen, the rumen is often due to the accumulation of fat around the waist, not so anything to do with drinking water,

and also it is not common to have the rumen due to the weakness of the abdominal muscles so they will not affect abdominal exercises to get rid of it, But who can help to get rid of the rumen, commit to a program balanced diet, increase physical activity in general and exercise in general, and not just abdominal exercises.


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