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15 Apr 2014
The most effective cellulite treatment was ice?

Cellulite treatment is acupuncture?  Get pdf Version Truth About Cellulite

Hold the ice cold water after a shower is good practice to make cellulite?

According to experts, the most important solution, to improve blood circulation in the cellulite area!

Efforts to get rid of cellulite you have given me wonder works? Whose cellulite what is good?

 Memorial Service from the Department of Dermatology, Exp. Dr.. Hander National, told you need to know about cellulite...
1 Proper nutrition: High-calorie foods should be avoided. Sugar, salt, flour and oil consumption should be minimized.
 Tea, coffee, caffeine-rich foods like chocolate should not be consumed in excess.

 Vegetables, fruits and fiber foods should be eaten more. Again, the amount of fat in the body increases the consumption of alcohol should be reduced

Smoking, however, is already in circulation, cellulite areas with damaged leads to a further reduction of blood flow.
2 Massage: Lymphatic drainage from the bottom upwards with both hands along the direction gently massage.

Anti-cellulite creams effect on the tissue, the massage if done earlier would be twice as much.

In particular, the application of ice cold shower or a lot of talk lately.
After the Shower, cellulite areas with a few minutes of cold water or five minutes with a few minutes of ice to apply the blood circulation accelerate


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