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15 Apr 2014
Have you ever wondered why marathon runners, those who run many kilometers often do exercises, a heart almost every day even with the slim is not muscle strength? Because your body is a wonderful machine

It is intended to be adapted. When you run or jump or swim long enough, it will say, look, I better get lighter so that I could take the stress better and improve endurance. Guess what? Muscle is heavier than fat and your body will shed more when it wants to get lighter? More Pages here

Muscle or fat
The muscles of your body will shed both but more fat. Anyway, why would you want to lose weight only to become a smaller body to you in the same way without any muscle tone?

Why do you want to be in a weight loss program that eats your muscles and lower your fat burning rate so much so that when you stop the program, comes the fat to accumulate again?

Therefore, while you are in a program to lose weight, you should also be on the building program muscle. This will mean a combination of correct dietary habit and cardio exercises and weight lifting exercises to keep the muscles and keep the result of the loss of fat.


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