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14 Apr 2014
Workers in the field of health care in an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis as well. If you develop any signs or symptoms listed above, you should seek medical advice. Should be tested individuals with HIV-TB, where the leading cause of death in AIDS patients of tuberculosis.

HIV and tuberculosis may Takaful fatal, which increases the rate of tuberculosis match the AIDS virus and human immunodeficiency virus reactivate inactive tuberculosis. Are tested health care workers usually at least annually for TB test?

Individuals with latent TB reveal positive despite the fact that no clear symptoms of the disease. TB also is tested in the chest X-ray and culture tests (urine, sputum). Tuberculosis disease that can be prevented
There are a few measures that one can take to protect their health. First, you should be tested regularly.
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If you have a disease, immune suppression, live or work in a prison or nursing home, and in the country of widespread tuberculosis, or have other risk factors, then the Mantoux test should be done every six months.

If you test positive without symptoms, speak with your doctor about treatments to reduce the risk of active TB. The most important step you can do for yourself and the audience to finish the whole of medicine. The treatment is stopped for an early chance mutation allows the bacteria to form a resistance to the drugs.


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