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12 Apr 2014
In such places, and usually closed the windows to protect their property from the elements, but in reality, the situation becomes worse when there is no proper ventilation in the room.

If there is any property exposed to moisture, and given the chance they were barely sufficient to dry because they are not made of natural air to circulate in the storage areas such as attics or basements.
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Not only the growth of black mold in the interior of the house; shrubs and other green may also be affected black mold, and this is evident in the color gray leaves on the plant's leaves.

However, unlike pollution in the home, and can be easily cleaned shrubs affected by hose it with water and wipe the leaves with perhaps an ordinary towel to rid it of variegated gray horrific that cause black mold.

You can also apply a fungicide to be effective in eliminating the black mold so far does not carry the risk of black mold fungi. So that it can hold foreign remittance growth of mold, but can easily be cleaned with this detergent and water.

The risk of exposure to black mold becomes more pronounced in the case of persons with asthma. For them, it could even small amounts of germs that are inhaled cause acute asthma attack. We all know that it can not handle serious cases by inhalation simple.


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