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10 Apr 2014
New: suffer a lot of women from the problem has become tainted by them every diet recipes and all the exercise that Itbanha to get rid of excess weight, cellulite problem affects the majority of women regardless of the fact that they were lean or Mmtliat, but the solution is always patient and persevere and not to slacken to reach the desired result in Get the skin taut and smooth.Joey Atlas the Official Website

What is cellulite?
Cellulite word derived from cell cell, and means conglomerate fat under the skin, which leads to a lack Astewaih forming what looks like orange peel, especially in the groin area and buttocks, may affect breast after menopause, and different degrees of mild to severe, and unrelated directly to obesity with it worsen overweight.

And become a problem and disturb the women begin to appear during the thirties. And affects about 85% of the ladies.
skin is content on Menkera cellulite dimples or leather-like in shape and texture orange peel.

- The most important factor involved in the occurrence of Cellulite is aging, begins to occur twice a gradual network fibrous tissue supported by the structure of the skin in addition to the low level of the hormone estrogen, so the problem is widespread among women.
Highful Information

- because of a sore spot gradually in the affected areas, which leads to an accumulation of fluid in the dermis, which allows the formation of clumps of fatty prominent beneath.

- pressure blocks fat on the blood vessels.

- deposition of protein on fat accumulated.
- the cumulative effect of the sun's rays cause the weakness of elasticity of the skin.
Cofactors :

- Genetics :

play a major role in the incidence of Balsilolit but you can mitigate the effects of cellulite in your body.
- Feeding system :

diet poor in nutrients such as caffeine, for example, Coca-Cola or prepared foods leads to the formation of cellulite no toxins produced and launched these foods within the body and attached to the fatty tissue.


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